Uganda the pearl of Africa

Just like Uganda is my mother land, it is the pearl of Africa too .Back in the ages, it was described by the white people as a dark country and at the same time a Whiteman’s grave which later turned to be unrealistic after the white man’s penetration in Uganda who later discovered that Uganda was embedded with the mineral sources, wonderful physical features, beautiful sceneries that I can’t set  my eyes off  like the mountains of the moon.

Oh my Uganda! You are at the same time endoored with forests, beautiful birds like the crested crane which symbolises peace and forward moving of the country not forgetting the abundant sunshine which attracts millions of whites during winter periods back in their homelands.

Oh my Uganda! From a warfare situation in 1970s, you turned into a peaceful homeland for both animals and people you have got fertile plains and abundant rainfall thus favouring agriculture which is the backbone of Uganda’s economy not forgetting the good political climuteit has provided to its neighbours oh we are proud of you.

Oh my Uganda ,everybody takes refuge in you, what a tragedy that the outsiders have missed the wonderful sceneries in Uganda .We are proud to be students of Bishop Comboni College in Uganda and we promise to love ,sacrifice ,serve and love ourselves .

Compiled by                                                                                                                                                                                         Ambrose Iradukunda and Arineitwe Jacob

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