One person may ask himself what generally politics and leadership may get to mean. Some people may regard it to a dirty game, but to my mind, I think politics would be a fair and educative game if played super carefully.

Politics are activities involved in getting and using power in public life, and being able to influence decisions that affect society. People have taken this in a negative distinctive way rather than using it in a profitable way. They have taken politics and used it for negative impacts.

Leadership on the other hand is being entrusted with power and being able to solve citizens’ issues carefully and fairly. Sometimes politicians and leaders have taken politics and leadership to be a personal beneficial factor other than being mindful of citizens.

Quite often we have seen people playing dirty politics where they have commercialised and involved religions in politics. Uganda, being a multiparty government, has proved to have the most riot full politics. We have seen most of Ugandan leaders turning out to be misleaders because of quite incidents observed.

But the main issue is not all about the course but the cause of dirty politics and how it can be discarded. As a mindful politician, I think politics at one point should not be involved in religious denominations.

The opposition government has risen an is holding dictatorship on top of its manifesto in the sense that they are criticizing the ruling government of being more of dictatorial. They “the opposition parties”, have held their arguments on the ruling government as much of distant from its citizens. Politicians, once leaders, tend sometimes to overstay in power which sometimes lead to underdevelopment of the areas because of long time and overstayed corruption of greedy leaders.

Corruption has been one of the leading causes of dirty politics since people in leadership positions tend to use the divide and rule policy as it was in the colonial time. Most politicians join politics thinking that politics, and in any case leadership, is the main way of solving their social and financial problems other than thinking of the common man who at one point elected the into their political and leadership positions. They seem to be so greedy and only feel to satisfy their needs.

There has emergency of many political parties which have created much pressure in the political world. As the army officers call it, they have generated “moto “in the politics and have increased the reaction of the citizens.

Otherwise, the government in actual sense should try to bridge up the wide gap it has created between the it and the citizens. It should make sure that it is in position of meeting the citizens’ desires. The government should stage anti-corruption agencies. We have been seeing the functionality of anti-corruption agencies in other developed countries at all levels where the corrupt bodies have been taken to courts of laws “The anti-corruption courts. “That would work for Ugandans.

There should be free non-commercialised and non-religious politics. If at all these are done, the politics of Uganda and the world at large would beat a straight line and smoothly moving on which could lead to rapid development of the Universe.



S.4B 2022.

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