Music is part of life

Sometimes many run in mind. What makes me happy, other people happy and then you my dear? Just when we are we in different condition, whether in happy moods, sorrowful time and leisure time, what is best for you dear reader? To my conclusion, music is a great thing to one’slife. This is because I tend to have experience in what am saying.

When one’s mind and body is bushed, after we doing all sorts of ballocks and boobs, Mr finest sorts your best. I have tried and made consultations from different people of different ages and in different places but their answer is similar. By the way it is common now that when one receives good news ideals he or she says it sounds like music sounding my ears. What do you think about it? To my own experience, one day I was pissed and taken off by thoughts, I was in sad moment of memories thinking of someone I miss most that is my mother MAY HER SOUL REST IN PEACE i was shading off tears but fortunately I heard a certain song (music) in the background GHOST BY J.B I felt touched because the song matched with my situation, like it was dedicated to me. Its words cooled me in a way I did not understand, I was cooled and my mind now concentrated on the song, it was active and turned to the singing mood and I forgot the other issue. Music just not for fun, entertainment like you do believe but it’s for memories, leisure and love. To you who does not believe me try listening to all types of music whether jazz, reggae, hip hop, afro music and country music, I believe you will find one that will work for you best. To my opinion music is a master key to our mind when in both positive and negative mood.

Enjoy tomorrow by sheebah and hallo by Beyoncé.


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