Message from the Head Girl

It’ a great pleasure to have my mind exposed in this message that will continue making, promoting and putting Bishop Comboni College Kambuga on a globle map

Being part of a centre stage of voices as the Head girl at Bishop Comboni College Kambuga 2021-2022 makes me really start recalling the day lights of life I have passed through since I joined the might College Bishop Comboni where I chose a career which has yielded me the best qualities in me and other million lives around me

I am now hopeful, confident, austhusiatic, vigorous and proficient person because of discovering the foot point of Education where we explore our gifts and talents. Where we unlock our potentials and be able to set our feet firmly on the paths to self-discovery.

Dear fellow students get to know where you can demonstrate your current strength and abilities and how you can use them to your best advantages. Here we learn more about ourselves and our variety of career fields because limitations live only in our minds but if we use our imaginations our possibilities become limitless.

I am great full to all pillars behind the drasting change and development of Bishop Comboni College Kambuga.

As students, we need to exploit fully the opportunity of being a good school and utilize the little time we have at school if you are to become useful citizens of our nation.

“It will be said that in our times, there lived responsible people who knew their worth, in our times we withstood the highest bidders for our morality, in our times our conquest victories over in difference debauctiory and greed.”


HEADGIRL 2021-2022 doing MEG/ICT.

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