Health Tips When Eating


  • Do not drink water when eating instead drink it before or after eating.
  • Use smaller plates when eating rather than bigger plates.
  • Avoid destruction when eating like concentrating on phones when eating.
  • Avoid eating sweet food.
  • When eating, keep maximum silence.
  • Do not eat one type of food at least eat different types of food a day.
  • Remember to take juice or water after a meal.
  • Do not take a carbonated drink before or after a meal.
  • Do not receive any phone call while on a dining table at least receive that phone call after moving away from the dining table.
  • Avoid eating a meal without a vegetable food.
  • Do not move up and down when eating.
  • Do not eat quickly.
  • Do not eat very hot food.

Some of these are done to ease digestion of food in the body preventing some diseases.



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