Who is a winner any way? Most people have different ways of describing a winner.thi is how I can describe a winner. A winner is someone who loves what he is doing and loves the journey that is taking him or her to the object of his desires.

I can also describe a winner as someone who knows where he is going and he/she knows that he will get straight there. It is not that the strongest are the ones who win but those who never give up when they need something.

Winners in life constantly think in terms of I can, I must and iam. Losers on the other hand concentrate on what they should have done or what they should do. My dear friends we are the present situation because of our mind if we really wanted to change we would be in the process of changing right now and amid troubled by doubt cannot go on the course of victory.

Dear comrades if you sleep like you’re competing in the world of the dead then never expect to make it in the world of the living and learn to have confidence in yourselves. Say farewell to failure and say welcome to success because you never know about tomorrow.

FOR GOD AND MY COUNTRY, Provita Discumus.


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