Education is the key to success.

Education is the key to success. The government of Uganda has become strong due to education and when some tackles its legend, he finds that even independence of Uganda was got because of the educated people who substantially minded about being independent. Education is so amusing and at times it becomes a tragedy to some people especially the students. Through schooling, students find a difficult situation of being tortured by teachers and fellow students, hunger and in winter times they develop sickness the students and it becomes a struggle to accomplish education through a dilemma in order to find their destiny. When someone is educated, he influences other people to join the education sector because of his success. Most people who are educated become successful in different ways though some study and fail to get jobs, but he can be developed mentally to plan something and it becomes successful thus meeting their goals. Education makes people feel whom they are and become confident to themselves without panicking to stand amidst a congregation while addressing people and an educated person makes a decision for himself. When the country contains educated people, the country develops because an educated person can be like the one who has never joined school. Even old people do acquire education through different organisations to the illiterate people especially the old ones on how to care for the environment as well as their families therefore education sector has remained the best in the whole world.


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