Dear  readers  of this article,  i greet you all.

I  am  writing  thid  article talking  about  the Covid  19  pandemic.In  2019  ,there came a disease called covid 19,its caused by the virus corona,it is airborne .It originated from a science labaratory in China and later spread allover the world .

This disease can be spread from one person to another through air e.g when a person sneezes near you without touching the mouth,the germs can spread to you thus getting the disease too,through body contact e.g when you are a couple and you kiss your partner who is infected ,you get infected too.

A  person   can know that he/she is suffering from the disease when the following signs and symptoms are obsreved;fever,cough ,sore throat ,chest pain ,breathing difficulties,rapid heart beat,kidney failure,headache etc.

to protect yourslf from the virus,you should follow the standards operating procedures e.g hand washing,keeping  social distance of 2m,feeding  on fruits to gain vitamin C ,covering your mouth while coughing and sneezing ,reporting any case of  covid  19,staying at home when you feel unwell etc.

Covid 19 pandemic has affected the people of Uganda and many countries in many ways which include;it has led to the closure of schools which has led to many school dropouts,closure of churches ,shops,bars,universities, has led to curfew which has led to imprisonment of many people ,death of many people e.g presidents,mininsters,doctors and other people of the country,it has ld to unmplyoment of the people.Covid 19 is so danderous and it is still here today so please protect youself to avoid the virus.



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