Gaunt and forbidding,the rucky mountains loom high above the plains,forming the great divine of the continent.On one slope ,the waters fall away to the Pacific ocean and on the other ,the river s flow to the Atlantic .Travellers struggling on foot through a rough mountain pass are hard pressed to pinpoint the exact moment when to move from one slope to another. Childhood merges with adolescence,young adults life moves towards middle age, a happy marriage deteriorates into a dull,nagging emptiness. The moment of the turning point between these phrases maybe vague as the traveller’s awareness of the actual moment of crossing the great divine. Only when looking back in time does one suddenly realise that a change has occured ,somewhere a decision has to be made which can never be reucked. Anew slope ,a new phase of life has been reached. In attempting to find patterns in the chaotic world around them, we havw always tried to isolate turning points of people’s lives.An apparently insignificant moment of choice brings consequence which reverberate throughout one’s lifetime.Sometimes results that follow up a choice can not br foreseen .At other times the moment of the choice is determined by ones character. Choice and consequences examine the ways in which our actions in the present touch our lives in the future.

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