In this world, each individual was created in a unique way. Some people are short others are tall, black or brown, big or small, from humble background or rich kinship but surprisingly all in Gods image. whether deformed or not, the appearance and background doesn’t matter.

What matters is the outcome of an individual. Therefor my fellow beings, God created every man for a purpose.

The individuals who were looked at as a minor in the past, have done wonders and moved mountains today forexample the current president of America  Barrack Obama and president His excellence Y.K.MUSEVEN,Bill Gates of America who emerged to rule the whites yet he is a black. Not forgetting the old student Bishop comboni college kambuga. Sharif who has managed to improve on the technology by designing different application and websites inspiring the young generation. All this is achieved through smart, hard work, passionand listening as the theme of our school suggests.Therefor “Accept who you are”.Dont focus on the past.Everyday be stronger than the previous day.Face your fears and wipe off your tears Don’t cry over the past it is gone. Dont be stressed over the future it hasn’t arrived. live in the present and maje it beautiful because it is the future you are  hopping for. ”NEVER BE DISCOURAGED BY YOUR STATUS ,BACK GROUND OR PHYSICAL APPEARANCE”work urpon your dreams and stay focused.



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