About the new curriculum in our school

The new curriculum in our school is very good. We have learnt many skills through it.

We were at home and we heard through radios and watched on televisions that the curriculum was changed. when we heard that the curriculum was going to be changed, we were all worried and we were all like we won’t manage it because it was not easily understood and quite different from the other curriculums ever in Uganda.

When we came back to school, we were briefed about the same by our teachers. The teachers who were to teach us had gone for training on how they will be conducting the curriculum before we came back to school and thereafter, our teachers told us that in this curriculum, most of the work is done by the students and we all got afraid. They told us that a teacher is supposed to come to class only to introduce the topic and explain it to us, then we students we are to go and make research about the topic and we were all wondering how it could be for a student to get notes by him or herself. Our teachers told us that in our school, we have enough research centres like the junior library, JIM AND JAN faculty and many others. We were told that we would go there and look for notes ourselves in different text books and also search using the internet because there are many computers which can be accessed by every student. After all those, we found everything easy. Up to now we still work like that and we have acquired many skills like writing, reading and searching via the internet in this current curriculum.

Then when we come to vocational skills, our school is very good at that because it has managed to introduce skills like Agriculture, Plumbing, Fashion and garment design, Building and concrete practice, Electrical installation and Carpentry and joinery of which are all active in the school and perfectly liked by the students in the school because the administration employed well trained teachers  who are experts in teaching those vocational subject skills, they teach us very well and this makes it easy for us to get each and every thing which is a very good job.

The school has managed to provide some of the tools used in the skills and still ordering for more so as to improve our skills in a better way. By the way, this curriculum has helped to improve on the skills of different students and we cannot get tired looking for jobs, we immediately employ ourselves.

That is why I love it because it is the best among all and I thank the school administration for putting us into consideration.

Our school remains to be the second to none.



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