About My School

Bishop Comboni is a catholic founded secondary located in kambuga sub county kanungu district. What inspires most of the students and people outside and abroad is to study explore and guild skills as it is wax and wane.

Bishop Comboni is academic achieving school with the most disciplined students. Though being a catholic founded school, it does not discriminate other religions. All students of different religions are allowed to join. It is the school with the best head teacher who aims at the high standards of the schools like, it has got all the required facilities a student would need to concentrate on like E-library with enough books, computer laboratories with internet and more others in process to come.

This head teacher has enabled the school to cherish up the peak of all schools in kanungu and Uganda at large. What a school hat considers students discipline. In the school vision is all about modelling a future leader that will bring change in his or her home, village, district and the country at large as the heroes we have heard. What a school that does not discriminate! Why discrimination? The main purpose for stating this school was to fight for the equal rights of people in kanungu and Uganda as whole. Since we are all equal in front of God.

May Almighty God bless the founders

Teaching and non teaching staff

The students, the parents

And all the founders of the schools. *GOD Bless you all*


*S.4A 2022*

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