Bishop Comboni College – Kambuga is a purely boarding mixed secondary school found in Kambuga Town Council half a Kilometre away from Kambuga Hospital.

It is 30 Kms along Rukungiri- Kanungu road in Kanungu District.

We are committed to giving quality secondary education and treat our learners as part of Comboni family.

Bishop Comboni College-Kambuga has great experience and competence to produce the best school products in Uganda. Over the years the school has remained a gigantic educational centre excelling in academics in the District and coming among the best in the region and the country.
We are committed to providing quality education in regard to an enriched curriculum that meets the changing needs of the modern world while at the same tine offering co curricular activities.
We are a community that cherishes good values for well behaved learners who are able to become responsible and productive citizens.
We are rolling out vocational training program such that our learners can leave the College when they are academically and skillfully empowered to contribute towards a happy and productive life.


The College was established by the Comboni Missionaries in 1982 courtesy of the very enterprising great Italian Catholic Missionary Rev. Fr. Paolino Tomaino with aims to:
Establish a model secondary school in a rural setting.
Enable parents access better education services easily.
Train and mold morally upright and responsible citizens.
The school opened in 1982 with 240 students in senior one. The school became associated with high discipline, student’s smartness, unique academic standards and superb balanced diet that the area had never witnessed before.
In 1985 NRA guerrilla war disrupted the pioneer candidates from sitting UCE UNEB exams until March 1986. These pioneer candidates set a record of excellence that the school has continued to enjoy in the District and the region for a long period of time.
A survey through many offices in the country reveals a strong working community of Bishop Comboni Old students in various positions of civil service. These Old students are notable for their high sense of morality and responsibility.
The spirit of `Combonism` in which learners leave like members of one family still lives. These Old students are now organized under Bishop Comboni Old Students Association (BICOSA). We thank God they continue to guide and contribute generously to the school.
Over the years the school has grown in leaps and bounds in terms of infrastructure systems and population. We are grateful to students, parents, staff and well wishers for the gift of this precious school.