A woman is a great person in the whole world today. She is caring, loving, humble and always judicious to other people. She is very cunning and she is a dagger to every problem. Even when there is a dilemma, she is able to handle it in her own ways, no matter how big it is. No one knows the tricks she uses. What a strong person she is! She is a mother in England, mama in Nigeria and mum in Uganda among others. But all in all, they mean the same thing. She is a care giver and a babysitter . She becomes pregnant, for nine months of suffering, she gives birth. She with stands any problemin order to save her baby from any upcoming danger. She really cares and should be given respect in all sorts of ways.

A woman is a great person in the whole world today. How would you feel if you never had a mother in life? It is excruciating. A mother, even though impromptus can handle the situation that comes on her way. She glistens to the whole world. She is everything that is needed in life. Babies yawn for their mothers. Whena baby cries, a woman notices why it’s crying. This is very difficult for men because it does not talk its problem. A woman is very magnificent to everyone the love of a woman or mother is like green leaves in all parts of the world. Even in the desert there are some oases which contain green plants. Though in summer, you will still see green. Green never fades away like the love of a woman. A womanshould be handled with care asyou handlea glass containing your favourite drink women have been give orient in the world. A woman is ridiculous that she is always anxious about what is going to happen tomorrow. A woman is arose to every flower. This means she is ever in need to a person .how wonderful a womanis!

A woman is always eager to solve the future problems although she cannot see them. Woman is a heartsoother, painkiller and above all a Panadol to every onearth. She is always magnanimous. She should pi quaintly be respected because she is tremendous in whatever she does. I call up on wholeworld not to feign for a woman but instead put in action. Neverquail. Be brave and always do what you to show your power in the world.

May the lord protect you all. Thank you.

Pro vita Discimus.

For god and my country.


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